B is for Blue Planet: An Earth Science Alphabet Free Notebooking Pages


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B is for Blue Planet: An Earth Science Alphabet by Ruth Strother (in Canada) is a wonderful way to read about many aspects of our amazing planet earth. This book spans many different aspects of earth science. This book is also available on EPIC! 

“How much of Earth’s surface is covered by water? How do the northern lights get their colors? Planet Earth has been home to mankind for hundreds of thousands of years and while scientists have learned a lot about it, they’re still unraveling many of its mysteries. B is for Blue Planet: An Earth Science Alphabet explains what we do know about our planet and what more we have to learn. Examine Earth’s diverse ecosystems (deserts), discover geological wonders (karst caves), learn about weather phenomena (hurricanes), and much more. Ruth Strother has been in the publishing industry for more than twenty years and is the author of fifteen books for children.” review by Amazon.

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B is for Blue Planet: An Earth Science Alphabet ( in Canada), along with the free notebooking pages above would be a wonderful unit for you and your students! You may want to add in some hands on activities and make it a complete unit study. You can find hands on ideas on my Pinterest board here!

You can read an excerpt from B is for Blue Planet here.

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There is a teacher guide available from Sleeping Bear Press. It is very diverse and has many great printables for your unit study. 

I hope to do more of these A-Z pages on a variety of topics; you will find them here on my blog, or on my Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook sites.

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